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Our offer is aiming at enterprises (mainly those which are managing public utility buildings), housing estates and office building administrators, advertising agencies, construction companies, heat and powerplants, housing communities and cooperatives, and individual clients.

Working at masts and chimneys

Steel constructions or tall chimneys won’t make any problems for us. Within the scope of our qualifications and owned equipment we can do a lot of different jobs on them – starting from inspections, trough maintenance and anti-corrosion, to the painting or assemblies.
We approach each of tasks individually, and suggest the safest methods of implementation.



Solar panels

Solar energy is one of the most dynamically developing branches of energy. Every day, more and more new solar farms and installations appear around us. Our company offer assembling one for you!
We’re using a lot of systems and technical innovations.
We are not afraid of large slants or big surfaces. Our experience helps to efficiently and safely close subsequent projects, both small home installations and larger scale realizations.
Together with our partners we take care of all the details, strarting from measurements, trough desing, material delivery, assembly, and ultimately commissioning of your own solar installation.
Feel free to contact us, we will find best solution for you!



Roofs - cleaning, impregnation, painting

Our offer includes pressure cleaning, impregnation and painting your roofing. We use pressure washers with appropiately selection of lances and, if its necessary, chemical products. We clean both metal and tiled roofs, for each of them choosing the right solutions and ensuring durability. We can give new life to even heavilly polluted roof. Thanks to us your rooftop can get a second life!


By washing, we get rid of all types of algae, moss and other pollutions. Often we reveal the original color of the roofing! To maintain this effect as long as possible we suggest to impregnate roof after washing. This treatment increase the durability of the rooftop and prevents accumulation of dirt particles and spores on it.

For those, who want to totally refresh roofing of their home, we got something more to offer. After cleaning and preparing, we can paint you roof using a spray-painting method. We use Wagner ProSpray 3.23 painting unit.
Together with You, we select the color and cover the surface of Your roofing twice for the best effect. We’re prepairing and painting both metal and tiled roofs, carrying out a series of operations which ensure durability and increase the final resistance.



Elevations - cleaning, painting, preservation,

In our services, we provide various tasks on the facades of buildings. We perform them using a basket lift or rope access. We’re great at pressure cleaning, painting or minor repairs.

We offer cleaning and maintenance of elevations, using a pressure washer with special lance that will easily get rid of all kinds of pollution. As specialists in difficult tasks we can use both rope access techniques or a lift.
At Your request we can also protect and impregnate the facade to maintain its glow for even longer!


For the painting we use spray-paint unit, which guarantee high aestetics and allow to do the job very quickly. Together with client we’re choosing best type and color of paint and prepare the surface using high-grade products. Thanks to us, your facade can get totally new look, but also aquire new properties, for example – better thermal insulation or hydrophobic parameters.


Outdoor advertising services

With us, Your ad will hang everywhere!
Billboards, banners on building facades or pylons won’t make problem for us!
Working in Rope Access and with the help of a basket lift, we will easily place Your advertisement even in the most difficult places. Each order we price individually depending on factors that affect the way of its implementation. We carry out cyclical and individual tasks.
Communication is the basis, so call us or fill the contact form!



Operating in the Pomeranian Vovoideship, we stick ad media of all types and sizes using rope access techniques and a lift. We maintain full aesthetics and use full range of personal protective equipment. Each our task is documented with photos and provided with report of implementation. We guarantee durability and high resistance to weather conditions.

We also offer Banner and MESH-Banner support. Working in rope access or using a lift we will easily prepare and secure the surface, arm it with anchoring points and mount Your ad.
We can also disassemble, replace or repair damaged ones. There aren’t impossible tasks!



Tree cutting and care

As a company we also provide full spectrum of arboristic tasks. From care treatments, pruning crowns or branches to sectional felling of trees in places where they cannot be cut down at-once.


Using rope and arboristic techniques we are able to safely – piece by piece – remove trees growing in dangerous places, for example near buildings or power lines. By using a number of methods and procedures we’re minimizing the risk of damaging something to zero. We also remove trees that are broken due to storms or growing in collision with buildings.



We deal with full cutting, but if it’s not necessary we are even more happy to carry out care operations such as removing branches, pruning overgrown crowns and performing a full range of sanitary treatments. We often cooperate with Forest Holdings in the Pomeranian region by carrying out tasks and consulting each other.


Basket Lift

We’re equipped with a Multitel MT202 basket lift on a Renault chassis. It is a proven, reliable and compact machine that cope with any task. It has a 20m working height and an outreach of approximately 9.80m. We allow to rent it together with authorized operator, who will take care of zone preparation and workplace safety. We provide cyclical services and corry out one-time orders.

Our operators are trained and experienced. We have IP qualifications for mobile platforms (lifts, basket lifts, scissor lifts), IIP (hanging platforms) and IIS for gantry cranes.



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